Current research group

PhD Students:

  • Majid Moghadam
  • Ahmed Farabi Tarhan
  • Burak Yüksek

MSc Students:

  • Mehmet Uğur Akçal
  • Mehmet Hasanzade
  • Ömer Herekoğlu
  • Burak Özdemir
  • Batuhan Eroğlu
  • Çağatay Şahin
  • Yunus Biçer
  • Batuhan Hoştaş

Undergraduate Students:

  • Aykut Çetin
  • Anıl Yıldız

Note For Prospective Students:

I am always looking for new students who are interested in working with me. Funding is also available for highly talented and dedicated students. If you want to become a member of my research group, please send an e-mail to with your CV, publications (if you have any) and your research statement.