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Achroma Rising is an instrumental progressive/death metal trio featuring Ahmet Saraçoğlu (ex-Thrown To The Sun) and Eren Başbuğ (frequent colloborator of Dream Theater and Jordan Rudess). More info:

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Past Bands:



Your Pain is Endearing is a Death Metal/Deathcore band from Boston. I was the bass player of the band between November 2011 – March 2014. More info:

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Retaliation (2006-2012)

Retaliation was a thrash metal band I played for a long time back in Turkey. Currently the project is on hold due to difficulties related to finding consistent members.

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Fatal Mind (2010-2011)

Fatal Mind was a cover band that regularly played at Dorock Bar at Istanbul, Turkey, covering songs from almost every genre of metal. The project is currently on hold because members are busy with their own musical projects.

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Perpetual Genocide (2009-2010)

Perpetual Genocide is a technical death metal band from Istanbul. I had played shortly with them just before I left for US. The band is still active.

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